How to Boost Jio Speed After 4 GB Usage


As you, all know Reliance is giving free 4G sim cards to all its customers. Now Jio sim cards are available for all 4G mobile devices from 5th of September.This is a great news for all the android mobile users. Anyone having a 4G mobile device can take advantage of 4G data until  December 31, 2016. But now Reliance has restricted its unlimited plans to 4GB data per day for all users. Due to Reliance 4G launch many others mobile operator networks are in huge loss. Just because of free 4G data are given to all the customers. Many of the reliance customers were taking benefit of unlimited 4G data since it has come to market. But after 5 September, every user was given a cap of only 4 GB data limit per day i.e, 120 GB per month. But this offer is far better good than recharging to others operators and wasting a huge money on them. Here We will clear your question about How to Boost Jio Speed after 4GB usage.

Reliance is giving you a huge benefit for switching to Jio. They are giving free calling, free SMS, free HD video calling and many more feature. Reliance Jio is here to inspire, empower and enable every Indian to live their own dreams. Now each and every Indian can be a part of Digital India. There are many and many benefits of Jio as you all know. You can download all Jio apps to enjoy the benefit of all its features from jio net. There are some Jio apps that you have to install in your android device and take advantage of these apps. Some of these apps are JioNews, JioXpressNews, JioSecurity, JioMoney, JioTV, JioMags and much more.

You can listen to online music, share the internet and Watch online TV serials anytime and anywhere in the world. Who can give more than this? But the main question arises is what to do after 4gb of Jio usage. So we are here with solution boost your Speed after 4GB usage.

How to Boost Jio Speed After 4 GB Usage

So here we will tell you how to increase your Jio speed after 4GB usage.As you all know that you are getting 128kbps after 4 GB. It’s really very boring speed as we all are 4G users. To boost Jio speed after 4GB usage follows all the steps below:

Boost Jio Speed after 4gb usage from 128kbps to 2Mbps

Step 1: Go to Play store.

Step 2: Search for Turbo VPN.

Step 3: Download it and wait for the installation process.

Step 4: Open Turbo VPN and there it will show you many fastest server to connect.


Step 5: Connect to USA server. (Specially Tried by me)

boost Jio Speed after 4gb usage

Step 6: Minimize Turbo VPN and check your Internet Speed.

After connecting to USA server, You will get speed in Mbps. You can connect your mobile to Laptop, PC or tablet. You will get good speed after connecting to Turbo VPN. SO this is the trick to boost your Jio speed after 4 GB usage.

Enjoy the trick  i.e. How to boost Jio Speed after 4gb usage and share it with your friends. Thank You.







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  1. is this trick for all 4g mobiles or expesially for some

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