[Complete Guide] How to Reset or Change JioFi Password ?


Reliance Jio introduced JioFi Dongles to give 4G facility to people who do not own 4G smartphones. With the help of JioFi device, you can enjoy Jio 4G high-speed on any phone whether it is 2G or 3G. Many people are using JioFi dongles to surf the internet but they are facing some common problems like JioFi Password Change, Check JioFi Data Balance, making calls, or setting up the device. Here we will guide you through the complete process of changing JioFi2 & JioFi3 password.

Here you will get the solution to change Wifi password in JioFi2 & JioFi3 wifi dongle password using jiofi.local.html change password. If you own a JioFi dongle then you might be searching for How to Change JioFi password? Here we will give the complete solution to this question. With the help of JioFi dongle, you can browse Jio 4G internet even on 2G or 3G smartphones. You can make unlimited HD voice or video calls from your JioFi dongle using Jio4GVoice app. So, to use your Dongle services, you need to setup dongle with SSID and password. Here we will guide you through the process of Jio fi password change.

JioFi Password Change – Step by Step Guide

To change JioFi 2 or JioFi 3 password, you have to follow these simple given steps:

1) Open  JioFi Login in your web browser & if you are using JioFi Dongle go to JioDongle Login

use http://jiodongle.local.html/ in your web browser.

2) Click on the Login button.

3) Now use default JioFi Dongle username and password as administrator as given below. (use small letters)

Jiofi password change process


4) After entering username & password, click on Login.

5) Now go to Network>Wifi Configuration button mentioned below.

Jiofi2 and jiofi3 password change

6) From there you can change your Wifi name from network name(SSID) option and password from password field.

7) Go to Settings>User management to change the username of your dongle.

8) Click on save button & Done.

9) Use it again to change your password or username.

This is the complete process to change JioFi password easily so, follow all the steps to JioFi password change process. JioFi MiFi devices are the best for users who do not own a 4G compatible smartphone so enjoy Jio high-speed 4G internet with JioFi dongle. Have any question or problem, drop down your comments.

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