How to Deactivate or Report Your Lost Jio Sim Online


I hope you have subscribed to Jio Prime Membership. If no, or if you are facing any problem then you can read How to Become a Jio Prime Member. Jio users are still happy after checking Jio Prime Plans as these are the cheapest 4G plans ever by any of telecom company. Very soon Jio is going to launch a new feature name as Deactivate Lost Jio Sim Online where the user can deactivate or report their lost Jio sim online. This facility is not provided by any of the telecom company till now.

deactivate lost jio sim online

As many users are searching for How to deactivate My Jio Sim or How to deactivate Jio Sim Card? Very Soon, Deactivate Lost Jio Sim Online service is going live in MyJio App and Official website of Jio.  Now, users have not to suffer if they lost their Jio sim or device. Users have not to worry about the report of the lost Jio sim in the police station or customer care as Jio is soon going to start to deactivate Jio 4G sim online service.

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We have also covered about Jio Locate My Device Feature. With this feature, you can easily find your lost mobile phone or your phone location if it has a Jio sim inserted. In a case of lost or stolen of your Jio sim, you can easily suspend or resume your Jio services in seconds without any customer care support. You can easily deactivate lost Jio sim online by one click.

If your Jio sim is lost then you can easily report or deactivate lost jio sim online. Follow these steps to know more about deactivating lost Jio 4G sim online.

How to Report or Deactivate Lost Jio Sim Online

You can pause or suspend your Jio services with one click using official Jio website or MyJio App. Follow the below steps for further details.

1) Go to Official Jio Website or MyJio App.

2) Login with your Email and Password.

3) Now click on My Account.

4) Click on Setting button.

5) Click on Suspend and Resume Jio Service option.


6) Now click on drop down button.

7) Select the options from Sim Damaged or SIM/Device lost.

8) After that click Suspend.

8) Done. Within few seconds, your lost Jio sim will get deactivated.

How to Resume your Jio Sim Services Online

You can easily resume your Jio services within seconds. To resume your Sim services online, follow these steps:

1) Go to Official Jio website or MyJio App.

2) Login with your Email and Password.

3) Go to My Account.

4) Now click on Suspend and Resume Jio Service option.

5) Select Resume.

6) Cheers! You Jio services will start again within seconds.

Jio always comes up with great services which are beneficial for their customers. They have also announced Jio prime plans which are cheaper than any other telecom company. So, if anyhow your Jio sim lost or stolen, your can follow or deactivate Lost Jio Sim Online & easily suspend your services so that no one can misuse your sim.


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    I have lost my mobile with Jio no. 8908963992 in which My Jio App has not been installed & my mail ID also not linked with it.

    Kindly suggest what to do ????

    How to block that mobile no without MY JIO App… ????

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    My SIM lost plz block 7019607276.

  10. santosh Nyamagoudar

    My SIM card is lost request you to block it 7019607276.
    I’munable to see the option in myjio app

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