Jio Happy New Year Offer: All Free Till March 2017(Unlimited Internet, SMS, Calls)


Reliance Jio, the fastest growing tech firm is going to extend its Welcome offer to another 90 days i.e., 31st March 2017. Yes, it’s true, the Chairman of Reliance Jio Mukesh Ambani has announced today to launch its new offer as Jio Happy New Year Offer. In this offer, Jio users will get free 4G data, SMS, and calls for another 3 months at zero cost.

Now Reliance is the fastest growing tech firm. In the first 3 months, Reliance Jio has grown much faster than facebook & WhatsApp. Reliance Jio has more than 50 million customers in less than 3 months according to official news. This is a great news for all Jio customers. Now, they can enjoy Jio free services till 31st March 2017.

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Everyone is going to be excited about Reliance Jio Happy New Year offer  because they have not to pay a single penny for next 90 days . Means every Jio user can make free calls, enjoy SMS, surf superfast 4G internet as well as can enjoy free apps from Reliance Jio.

But there is a bad news also, Jio New Year Offer is not as same as Jio Welcome Offer. The difference in Jio Welcome Offer and Jio New Year Offer is-  the new FUP  limit. Read below about the new FUP limit and Jio Happy New Year Offer.

What is Jio Happy New Year Offer?

Jio Happy New Year Offer

As per the announcements, every user who will sign up from 4th December will be a part of Jio Happy New Year offer. In this service, Jio users will get maximum benefits from Reliance Jio as they will get all free till 31 March 2017.

Everyone knows that Jio Welcome offer is going to expire on 31st December 2016, so Reliance Jio has announced its New Year Offer which will be started from 1st January. In this offer, users will get all free services from Jio (Free 4G data, SMS, HD video calls, Voice calls & access to Jio Premium apps).

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Reliance is the fastest growing giant tech company in their first three months. Now Jio has more than 50 million users in less than 3 months. Reliance wants to complete its 100 million subscribers before the Jio Welcome offer expires. So, they have launched Happy New Year Offer to give free services & to gain the maximum amount of subscribers.

Why Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer?

You may have asked yourself Why Jio Happy New Year Offer? The point behind this is that Reliance Jio wants to maximize their users to more than 100 million in less than three months. SO, they are offering new free offer as Jio New Year Offer in which Users will get all free till march 2017.

The another main reason behind Reliance Jio New Year Offer is that According to TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) a telecom company will not have to provide any promotional offers for more than 3 months i.e., 90 days.

Jio Welcome Offer is going to expire on 31st December 2016, and just after that, there will be Jio New Year offer in which Jio customers will enjoy free services from Reliance till March 2017.

So, if you are not a Jio customer yet, go to your nearest Reliance shop & buy a new sim to enjoy Reliance Jio free services till March 2017.

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How to get Jio Happy New Year Offer?

Anyone who will buy new Jio sim after 4th December 2016 will be automatically signed up under Jio New year offer. They can enjoy superfast 4G internet, make calls, make video calls and enjoy benefits from Jio apps.

How Do I convert Jio Welcome Offer to Happy New Year Offer?

Every Jio user is thinking about Jio New Year offer and asking about how to convert Jio Welcome Offer to Jio Happy New Year Offer. But existing users need not to do anything. Jio Welcome Offer will automatically convert to Jio Happy new year offer on January 1st. They will continue using their free services till 31st march. That means if you already have an existing Jio sim, you need not to buy a new one. You will automatically get same benefits till march 2017.

What is the Difference Between Jio Welcome Offer & Jio Happy New Year Offer?

Here the question arises, Is there any difference between Jio Welcome offer & Happy New Year Offer? The answer is YES, there is a major difference between Jio Welcome offer & Happy New Year Offer.

In Jio Welcome offer, every user was given 4GB data limit per day and unlimited SMS and calls for 3 months. But according to Reliance Jio, Happy New Year Offer introduces a daily FUP(Fair Usage Policy) limit of 1 GB. As per FUP, every user will get 1 GB data and after this, users will be continued with 128Kbps speed. But in Jio Welcome Offer, the limit was 4GB per day, after that the speed comes to 128 Kbps.

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Why Reliance Jio Introduces a Daily FUP Limit?

Reliance Jio Chairman Mukesh Ambani announced a daily FUP limit in Jio Happy New Year Offer. Mukesh Ambani said that about 80% of Jio customers use under 1GB of data daily, while the remaining 20% customers use data in high amount. Due to these 20% users, Jio networks get jammed and many users get some speed problem. So, Reliance Jio introduces a daily FUP limit of 1 GB so that every Jio user can enjoy super fast speed without any speed problem.

Is There Any limit in Calls &  Messages?

No, there is no limit in call and messages in Jio Happy New Year Offer. Jio users can make unlimited calls in all over India without any roaming. And there is no limit in SMS also, you can send unlimited messages to your dear ones anytime. There is no limit on messages and calls till Jio Happy New Offer ends. You have to pay only after Happy New Offer expires.

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What Will be the Data Plans After Happy New Year Offer?

The list of data plans was already introduced by Reliance. Reliance Jio has divided its data plans in two categories i.e., Prepaid and Postpaid plans. So, after Happy New offer expires, the data plans will be same. You can check here for Jio data plans.

Is Jio New Year Offer Started Now?

Yes, Jio Happy New Year Offer started now.According to Happy New Year offer, users will get free services till 31st March 2017. Jio Welcome offer is extended to 31st March 2017 and it will be known as Jio Happy New Year Offer. 

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Reliance Jio is going to extend its business plan by launching its new devices very soon. Reliance will soon launch its Jio LYF Easy smartphone which will be the cheapest 4G smartphone ever which be ranged between Rs.1000-Rs.1500.

If you have a 4G mobile phone, then we highly recommend you to get a new Jio sim for free from Reliance store and get free services as Jio Happy New Year offer. 

You can even buy Jio Sim online and you will get it at your home. If you do not own a Jio sim till now, please register a new Jio sim online and take the advantage of Jio till 31st December 2017.

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