Jio Prime Offer Increased- Now Subscribe to Prime Membership Till 15th April 2017


Jio Complementary Offer, Jio Prime Offer, Jio Extended Offer: Reliance Jio- the well-known telecom company who had reduced the data, calls and SMS rates of all other telecom companies with a term Jio Effect. Now Jio is not going to provide more free services to its users as they have planned to charge for data, calls, and SMS. Firstly, users have to subscribe to Jio Prime Membership at Rs.99 whose last date is postponed to April 15th, 2017 from 31st March 2017.

Jio Summer Surprise Offer. Enjoy 3 more months free Jio services.

Jio had already reached 72 million prime subscribers and still counting. To get more number of subscribers, Jio had extended its Jio Prime subscription till 15th April. Due to heavy load on Jio website, many users were facing problems while activating their Jio Prime subscription. So, the chairman of Reliance Jio, Mr. Mukesh Ambani had extended Jio Prime Offer till 31st April 2017 so that users can easily activate their prime membership and plans.

Jio Prime Offer – Jio Offer Extended Till 15th April 2017

Mr. Mukesh Ambani had announced details aboout Jio Prime Offer and extended Prime Subscription till 15th April 2017 in a Press Release.

Jio Prime Offer extended till 31st April 2017

Mr. Mukesh Ambani had announced Jio Summer Surprise for prime members. According to Jio Summer Surprise, every member who had already subscribed or will activate their Jio Prime membership before 15th April with Rs.303 or any other Jio Plan will get free services from Jio for another 3 months on a complimentary basis.

If you are facing problem with Jio Prime Membership, then you can visit and recharge from your nearest Jio Shop.

Reliance Jio had completed a milestone of 72 million and still counting prime members. So, by checking the status of people towards Reliance Jio, Mr. Ambani has extended subscription offer till 31st April 2017.

Jio Complementary Service Details

Are you confused about the new decision from Reliance Jio about another 3 months complementary service? Here we will explain this in detail.

Have you subscribed or activated your Prime Membership? Have you recharged with any of the Jio Prime Plans? If yes, then it’s good news for all of you. Jio has extended its free services or complementary services till June 2017. Yes, if you are already a Jio Prime Customer then you will get 3 months of free services from Jio till June 2017. After completing this complementary services, your paid plan will get started.

And still, if you have not activated to Jio Prime then you can subscribe to it till 15th April with any of the Jio Tariff Plans. You will also get complementary services for 3 months after recharging any of the Jio Prime plans. After free service ends, your paid plan will get started automatically.

Reliance Jio Complementary Service Upto 31st June 2017

Jio complementary service will work for all the users who has activated Jio Membership with any of the Jio Prime Plans or will activate before 15th April 2017. After recharging, first you will get free 3 months of services (4G data, call, SMS) from Jio and after 31st June 2017, your paid plan will automatically get activated for July 2017.

Jio Summer Surprise Offer Terms & Conditions

1)  You will get 1GB 4G data per until June 2017.

2) You will get unlimited 4G data between 2 am to 5 am.

3)  You can enjoy unlimited HD voice calls on any network in India.

4) You can watch thousands of Jio HD channels for free.

5) You will get Jio Apps subscription for free worth Rs.1250.

6) Enjoy unlimited SMS all over India.

I hope now you have understood all the details about Jio Prime Offer. If still you have any queries regarding this, you can leave your doubts below in comments.


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