Jio Voucher Plans: Extend Data Limit After Finishing 1GB Daily Limit


Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Jio has announced about the Jio Happy New Year offer where you will get daily 1GB FUP limit. Jio has extended its Jio Welcome Offer to Jio Happy New Year Offer where you will get 1GB data limit per day instead of 4GB data limit. So, Reliance will launch two different Jio Voucher Plans in January 2017.

As we know that Jio Happy New year offer will be activated for all those peoples who bought Jio sim after 4th December and 1st January 2017  for older users. The advantage of Jio Happy New Year Offer is that now you can make voice calls, video calls, SMS and use free 4G data for next 3 months i.e., 31st March 2017 whereas the disadvantage is that now you will be able to use only 1GB data per day as per FUP limit.

Reliance Jio

Reliance users who all are addicted of free services from Jio is a very bad news for them. 1GB daily data is not enough for all those who are internet addicts. So, the company has announced Jio Voucher plans specially for all those people who consume too much data daily. Believe me, these Jio vouchers are so cheap that even an ordinary people can get these plans daily.

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Yes, after you complete your daily limit of 1GB, you can recharge your Jio sim by different Jio tariff plans or Jio data plan i.e., Rs.51 and Rs.301 Plans. You can only be able to recharge your jio number if you have exceeded your daily limit of 1Gb in 2017.

As per Reliance Policies, you will get 1GB 4G data daily and when your data limit exceeded, your speed will be automatically reduced to 128Kbps which is too slow even to surf a webpage. So, Reliance will introduce their 2 different Jio Voucher Plans from which you will be able to surf High-speed 4G data again.

Jio Voucher Plans & Jio Postpaid Data Plans (Data Booster Pack 2018)

Jio 11 ,21, 51, 101 Booster packs

Reliance Jio will soon launch two different Jio data plans or Jio voucher plans where you will get large data packs at very low price. Let’s check out these Jio Voucher plans.

Updated January 2018: Jio has made a sudden change in their data booster packs. Now you will get extra data in very cheap price. Jio Rs. 301 booster pack merged with Jio Rs.101 booster pack. Now you will get 6GB data at Rs.101 and 3Gb high-speed data only Rs.51.

Jio Booster PacksDataValidity
Rs.11400 MBExisting Plan
Rs.211 GBExisting Plan
Rs.513 GB
Existing Plan
Rs.1016 GBExisting Plan

Let’s Discuss further about these plans:

Rs. 11 Jio Data Booster

With Jio Rs. 11 Data Booster pack, you will get benefits of 400Mb high-speed 4G data with your existing plan validity.

Rs. 21 Jio Data Booster

You will get extra 1Gb data with Jio Rs.21 booster pack with your existing plan validity.

 Rs.51 Jio Data Booster

Rs.51 Voucher Plan you will get 1Gb with your existing plan validity. You can only use this plan after your daily free 4G data get expired.

Rs.101 Jio Data Plan

And Rs.101 plans is for all those people who need too much data. After recharging this plan, you will get 6Gb 4G high-speed data.

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And if your 1Gb data limit get exceeded and you don’t recharge with any of the Jio data plans or Jio Vouchers then you will get 128 Kbps speed which is too slow even to surf a webpage or to send a message on facebook. So, the reason behind launching these cheap data plans is that if your data limit gets over then you can recharge with any of these two data packs. And the best part of these Jio voucher plans is that these Jio data plans are so cheap that anyone can afford these data packs.

How to Recharge Jio Sim with Booster Pack?

To recharge Jio sim with Jio voucher plans, follow these steps:

1) Open MyJio App from Menu.

2) Now Sign in your account.

3) There you will see two options below i.e., Recharge & Usage.

4) Click on Recharge to recharge your Jio sim. To check your remaining data, you can go to Usage.

Jio Voucher plans

5) Then you will see two options above i.e., COMBO and BOOSTER. Click on BOOSTER.

Jio Booster Packs

6) Here you will see 2 Booster packs. Rs.51 with 1GB and 1day validity and Rs.301 with 6GB and 28 days validity.Jio Rs.51 pack & Jio Rs.301 pack

7) Select any of the plans and proceed to payment.

8) You can pay via JioMoney, Debit Card, Credit Card or NetBanking.

9) You will soon get a payment confirmation message and your booster data pack will get activated.

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Why Jio Data is Limited to 1GB per day?

When Jio Happy New Year Offer launched, Reliance Jio chairman Mr. Mukesh Ambani said

There are 70%  users who uses less than 1Gb data daily and rest 30% users are those who uses full 4GB data daily. Due to these 30% users, Jio users are facing many speed problems and Network jamming problems.

So, due to this reason only Jio has planned to launch Happy New Year Offer where every single user will be given 1Gb data daily. And after you uses full data then you can recharge with Jio voucher plans to get 4G speed again.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. You can use these Jio Voucher Plans only after your daily data limit gets exceeded.
  2. You will get unlimited data in night. (expired)
  3. Voice calls and SMS will be free till 31st March 2017.
  4. These voucher plans will be available from January 2017.

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