JioFi Device Price, Specifications, Reviews and Features


JioFi, JioFi Device, JioFi specification, JioFi Online Purchase, JioFi Device, Buy Online JioFi Plans: Reliance is giving free High-speed data, unlimited SMS, free HD calling, Free video calling and many more features with its Jio Welcome offer. Previously it was named as Jio Preview offer and this offer is for those customers who have bought their Jio Sim with LYF mobile phones or JioFi devices. But after 5th September, Reliance launched “Jio Welcome offer” and this offer is for every device which supports 4G LTE networks. Jio preview offer customers are automatically converted into Jio Welcome offer after 5th of September. Here we will clear points about JioFi Device Price, Specifications, Reviews, and Features.

Now Reliance Jio has extended its Jio Welcome Offer to Jio Happy New Year Offer. Now you can surf 4G Internet, video call, Voice calling, Free SMS till 31st March 2017 i.e., another 90 days. Now JioFi device comes with Jio Happy New Year Offer where you can use free Jio services till March 2017.

Let’s talk about this device JioFi. “JioFi is the best portable 4G Wifi Router & Hotspot in India”. It comes up with a great battery performance with the ability to connect almost 10 devices simultaneously. It is a best portable device with very easy to use.


JioFi Device Price, Specifications, Reviews and Features


What is JioFI?

JioFi is a portable wifi device which is a medium of connection between your Reliance 4G and your phone.It has a rechargeable battery and can connect your phone, laptop, tablet, PC’s, iPad’s, iPod’s and many more devices. It comes up with a facility of connecting more than 8 devices at a time. And the main thing is that You can download JioJoin app and can call or message to anyone even if you do not have a 4G mobile phone.

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What is the Price of JioFi device?

JioFi device price is Rs. 1,999 which was decreased from its earlier price of Rs. 2,899. It comes up with a Free Welcome Offer till 31th March i.e. all is free until 31st March 2017.

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  • High-Speed Data
  • HD Voice
  • Video Call
  • SMS
  • Jio Apps

JioFi Device Price




We will review JioFi device according to many factors:

  • Speed

The speed of JioFi device is very good. Its speed can matter at different locations. After checking its speed on Ookla Speed Test, it’s giving me 12Mbps downloading and 10Mbps uploading which is too good. While downloading a 600mb file from a computer it takes me around 5 minutes. On the other hand, while using in the mobile phone, its speed is bit slow.


Jio Downloading Speed


  • Portability

It a very lightweight device which can be portable to any location. Its very easy and can connect up to 10 devices at the same time. This is the plus point of the Device.

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  • Battery Performance

JioFi device has a powerful 2300mAh battery. Battery Performance of the device is too good. You can use it for 1-2 days if you are a single user.

 JioFi Device Buy Online

You can buy JioFi device online from any e-commerce website. You can also buy JioFi device from below links.

Buy JioFi 3 

Buy Reliance JioFi M2

Buy Jio JioFi3 


  • It comes with portable wi-fi hotspot which can connect up to 10 devices at a time.
  • It’s a light-weight device and easily portable.
  • It has a large battery life i.e. 2300 mAh.JioFi Device Price, Specifications, Reviews and Features

JioFi Specification

Speed 21 Mbps
Voice SupportCall Support
Memory32 GB
ColorBlack, Blue, Red
Connectivity10 Devices
Range100 Metres



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  1. Hello sir, I want to buy jiofi router.I have to know which one is good .can you explain its tariff plans and other procedures for buying jiofi router.I am expecting your reply

    1. You can buy JioFi M2 Wireless Router Card from this Shop online menu. Check updated tariff plans here jio prime plans

  2. We are using the Jiofi3 as a WiFi hotspot for 3 phones..The charge keep dropping in approx 3 hrs. Can we keep the recharger connected all the time, or will this affect the battery life

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