Reliance Jio: Barcode expired problem? How to Fix If Barcode is Already Redeemed


Reliance Jio had given free services to their customers. But, their customers are facing many problems related to this. Some are going through low internet speed problem, other having calling problem & some people are facing 4GB limit problem. First, subscribers already faced many issues in buying a new Jio sim & even some issues in sim activation. But the main trouble nowadays is “Jio Barcode redeemed or Jio barcode expired”. Users are saying that they even didn’t buy a new sim and their barcode is showing already redeemed.


How Jio Barcode expired without using?

Jio barcode expired

Reliance Jio sim can only be used on 4G supported mobile phones. Beside this, Reliance is providing one sim to a single phone. According to Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (RJIL) rules & regulations, you have to download MyJio app and generate a new barcode before buying a new sim. Then you have to show this barcode to Jio executive and he will give you a new sim. But, the point is this barcode generates according to your IMEI number. In this situation, if someone already redeemed your barcode then it will be called barcode theft.

Many people are using apps to generate new IMEI numbers of different 4G phone. As we already know every phone has a unique IMEI number. But using this app, they can easily change IMEI number of their phones & generate as many barcodes as they can. Due to this, many unused 4G mobile phones barcode already got redeemed.

How They Do This?

Many people are stealing barcode and selling them in huge amount. Due to this, you and many other people who even didn’t buy a new Jio sim, their barcode is showing already expired. Even they steal newly packed 4G mobile phones barcode by this process. They are using one more procedure to steal barcode of new 4G phones. Suppose they have IMEI number of a used 4G mobile phone (ex: 357826574859385) they are so expert in these cases that they just change the last 4 digit of IMEI number using different apps (ex:357826574850496). And by changing IMEI number, they are stealing barcodes. And other people are suffering from Jio barcode expired problem.

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Follow these Steps to Overcome:

     1. Old MyJio app: Users can download the older version of MyJio app on their 4G smartphone to get a new Jio sim. Open the app there you will see Get Jio Sim option, click on it and fill your details and mobile number. After verifying through OTP number, you will get a new barcode.


     2. Clearing Cache: You can clear cache memory to get a new barcode. Go to phone settings>app settings>MyJio app>clear data. After this, you can generate a new barcode from MyJio app.


     3. Other 4G Phone: You can generate barcode in any other phone to get a new Jio sim. You have to download MyJio app in any 4G supported phone and then you can easily generate a new barcode. You can also use this new sim to any other 4G phone.


     4. Complaint: You can report your Jio sim barcode theft complaint to Reliance Jio customer care. You have to dial 198 or 199. You can also call from any other number to 1800-88-99999.

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