Reliance Jio Plans – Rs 52, 98, 149, 399, 459, 509 Prepaid & Postpaid Plans


Jio Tariff Plans, Jio Prepaid & Postpaid Plans, Reliance Jio Plans, Jio Recharge Plans: Reliance Jio Prime Prepaid & Postpaid Data Plans, Jio Prime Tariff Plans – Prepaid & Postpaid plans, Jio 4G data plans, Apps, Voice, SMS Plans. From 1st March 2017, Reliance Jio has launched Jio Prime Membership @99 for all the customers. Now if you buy a new Jio 4G sim card from any retailer shop, then you have to activate Prime Membership as well as any Jio Recharge Plan from Rs.52, 98, 149, 399, 459 or 509 to get a new sim card.

Reliance Jio has updated prepaid data plans and launched new offers on 19th October 2017. They have decreased the validity of 399 plan from 84 days to 70 days and launched a new plan instead of it. The newly launched plan is Jio Rs 459 Plan which includes 84GB data (1GB/day), unlimited calls, SMS and premium subscription to Jio apps. The other prepaid pack includes Jio Rs 509 pack in which you will get 98GB data for 49 days i.e., 2GB high-speed 4G data per day with unlimited calls, SMS, and Jio Premium apps subscription.

After Jio Welcome Offer, Reliance Jio has launched Jio Happy New Offer on 1st January where they have reduced from 4GB/day to 1Gb/ day. After that Reliance Jio launched prime member subscription from 1 March 2017 to 31st March 2017 which costs Rs.99 for 1 year. You have to recharge for any Jio data plans which will give overall benefits of 4G data, SMS, calls, and apps. Jio Prime Membership can be subscribed through Reliance Jio Mini stores, Jio Outlet, Jio app, or Jio Website. Reliance Jio updates their tariff plans to give customers a better service at a very cheap price. Now, Jio added Rs 52, 98, and 459 data plan to their list and we are going to discuss all Reliance Jio Plans here.

Reliance Jio Plans – Rs 52, 98, 149, 399, 459, 509 Prepaid & Postpaid Plans

Reliance Jio has announced new Jio Tariff plans including Rs. 52, 98 and 459 where users will get several benefits. As Jio updates its Prepaid plans normally after months so here we are going to discuss all Jio Prepaid and postpaid plans. Checkout all latest Reliance Jio Plans and choose the plan which suits you the best. You can recharge your Jio number from any retailer shop, online recharge apps, MyJio app or Jio official website. Let’s discuss latest Jio Prime plans or Jio 4G plans in details.

Reliance Jio Rs 52 Plan Benefits & Full Details

Rs.52 Jio plan is a small data pack for the members who uses less data. This plan comes with a validity of 7 days with 1.05GB data. You will get unlimited calls, 70 SMS and subscription to Jio apps for free with this pack.

Plan PriceRs. 52
Validity7 days
Data1.05GB (128Kbps after 1.05GB)
Free RoamingYes
Jio AppsYes

Recharge 52 Plan

Jio Rs 98 Plans Full Details

Jio Rs. 98 plan is also a small data plan for users who surf internet for their work purpose only. This pack has a validity of 14 days with 2.1GB data. This pack includes free calls, 140 SMS and free apps subscription.

Plan PriceRs. 98
Validity14 Days
Data2.1GB(128 Kbps after 2.1GB)
Free RoamingYes
Jio AppsYes

Recharge 98 Plan

Jio Rs 149 4G Plan Details and Benefits

Reliance Jio 149 tariff plan includes one month validity with 4.2GB data benefits. This plan is good for monthly users as it comprises of unlimited data(128Kbps after 4.2GB). It includes 300 SMS, unlimited calls(free roaming, STD, and local) as well as free jio apps subscription that means you can use premium Jio apps for free.

Plan PriceRs. 149
Data4.2GB(128Kbps after 4.2GB)
Free RoamingYes
Jio AppsYes

Recharge 149 Plan

Reliance Jio 399 Plan Full Details & Benefits

Jio 399 recharge plan is an old Jio Tariff Plan but they reduced its validity from 84 days to 70 days. With this plan, you will get 70GB data for 70 days with unlimited calls, and SMS. This plan is giving 1GB data per day for 70 days that is a eye-catching deal for customers.

Plan PriceRs. 399
Validity70 Days
Free RoamingYes
Jio AppsYes

Recharge 399 Plan

Jio 459 Recharge Plan Full Details with Benefits

Jio 459 Data Plan is an ultra deal for customers where users will get 84GB data for 84 days or 3 months. This pack comprises Jio apps, unlimited calls and U/L SMS per day.

Plan PriceRs. 459
Data84 GB (1GB/day)
Validity84 Days
Free VoiceYes
Free SMSYes
Free RoamingYes
Jio Apps Unlimited Access

Recharge 459 Plan

Reliance Jio 509 Tariff Plan Full Details

This plan is giving unlimited calls (free STD/Roaming/Local) with unlimited SMS per day. Rs 509 Plan giving a validity of 49 days with 98GB data that means you can use 2GB data per day. This plan is suitable for the users who need much data in a day.

Plan PriceRs. 509
Validity49 Days
Free RoamingYes
Jio AppsYes

Recharge 509 Plan

Jio Prepaid Plan Chart for Prime members

Reliance Jio Plans - Jio Prepaid Plans Updated Chart


Jio Postpaid Plan Chart for Prime Members

Jio Postpaid Plans Chart for Prime members

Jio Boosters pack

Reliance Jio plans has added one more feature that is if you are using high amount of data or your daily data limit is expired then you can buy Jio Booster pack also. We have added a complete guide how to add booster pack.


More Info About Reliance Jio Plans

We have added new and updated Jio 4G data plans(October updated) for all the users including prepaid and postpaid customers. You can choose any plan from above according to your need. According to us, Jio 459 Data plan is best for the users who need internet everyday as it offers 84 GB data for 3 months. You can also check postpaid plans if you are a postpaid customer. Otherwise, Jio Tariff Plans , Reliance Jio plans are here with the updated list. We will regularly update this post as new plan arrives. So, subscribe to our email so that you can receive email directly to your inbox.

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