Reliance Jio Tariff Plans: Jio Prepaid and Postpaid Plans After 31st March 2017


Jio Plans, Jio 4G Plans, Jio Tariff Plans, Jio Prepaid & Postpaid Plans, Jio plans after 31 march 2017: Jio is about to complete their first 100 million subscribers very soon so they are coming with lot of new offers to satisfy their customers. Reliance Jio has announced about Jio Happy New Year Offer where they have planned to give free Jio services for next 3 months i.e., 31st March 2017.

As we all know Jio first want their customers to get fully satisfy with their services. So Jio has extended its Jio Welcome Offer to Jio Happy New Year Offer to give extra free services to their customers. After the expiration of Jio Happy New Year Offer Reliance has announced various Jio Tariff Plans to satisfy their customers with high-speed 4G data at low rates.

Jio Tariff Plans

Reliance has extended its offer to 31st March 2017 and they have also decreased their data pack from 4GB to 1GB per day. Now, everyone is thinking what to do after finishing 1Gb data or what are Jio Tariff Plans after 31st March 2017?  The answer to this question is Jio has also announced 2 different Voucher PlansIn these Voucher Plans, you will get 1GB 4G data @51 and 6GB 4G data @301 only after finishing their 1GB Daily FUP limit.

Reliance Jio has recently announced its Jio 4G plans and Jio Tariff Plans. You can recharge your Jio sim with any of these Jio tariff plans whether you are prepaid user or postpaid. These plans are cheapest 4G plans ever by Reliance Jio. Now, any person can afford any of these plans as per their needs. These are cheapest plans ever in the market than any other operator. Let’s Discuss Jio Tariff Plans in details:

Below given Jio Tariff Plans will only work after 31st march 2017. We have updated Jio Plans for Prime and Non-Prime members.

Jio Tariff Plans For Prepaid Customers & Jio 4G Plans

Jio Tariff PlansBenefitWifi DataSMSCalls Validity
Rs.19100 MB Data + Unlimited Night data200 MBUnlimitedUnlimited ( Local+National)1 Day
Rs.129750 MB Data + Unlimited Night data1.5 GBUnlimitedUnlimited ( Local+National)7 Days
Rs.149300 MB Data + Unlimited Night data700 MBUnlimitedUnlimited ( Local+National)28 Days
Rs.2992 GB + Unlimited Night data4 GBUnlimitedUnlimited ( Local+National)21 Days
Rs.4994 GB + Unlimited Night data8 GBUnlimitedUnlimited ( Local+National)28 Days
Rs.99910 GB + Unlimited Night data20 GBUnlimitedUnlimited ( Local+National)28 days
Rs.149920 GB + Unlimited Night data40 GBUnlimitedUnlimited ( Local+National)28 days

All above-prepaid plans include unlimited night data + Jio apps subscription worth Rs.1250 free. You will also get free STD roaming to any network in India with all above plans.

Jio Tariff Plans for Postpaid Customers & Jio 4G Plans

Jio Tariff PlansBenefitWifi Data SMSCallsValidity
Rs.149300 MB + Unlimited Night data700 MbUnlimitedUnlimited (Local + National)Billing Cycle
Rs.4994 GB + Unlimited Night data8 GBUnlimitedUnlimited (Local + National)Billing Cycle
Rs.99910 GB + Unlimited Night data20 GBUnlimitedUnlimited (Local + National)Billing Cycle
Rs.149920 GB + Unlimited Night data40 GBUnlimitedUnlimited (Local + National)Billing Cycle
Rs.249935 GB + Unlimited Night data70 GBUnlimitedUnlimited (Local + National)Billing Cycle
Rs.399960 GB + Unlimited Night data120 GBUnlimitedUnlimited (Local + National)Billing Cycle
Rs.499975 GB + Unlimited Night data150 GBUnlimitedUnlimited (Local + National)Billing Cycle

All above postpaid plans include unlimited night data + Jio apps subscription worth Rs.1250 free. You will also get free STD roaming to any network in India with all above plans.

Jio Prime Membership Plans | Jio Tariff Plans

As Jio is going to complete their free services after March 31st, so Mukesh Ambani has recently announced Jio Prime Membership where you can subscribe to Prime Membership at Rs.99 for 1 year. After that, you have to recharge your Jio number with cheap prime plans. These plans are cheaper than any other telecom company. You can go for the Rs.303 plan where you will get 30GB data for 1 month. You can check all Jio Tariff Plans or Jio Prime Membership Plans here.

Updated: Jio had extended its Prime Subscription till 15th April 2017. Now the user who has already recharged or will recharge before 15th April will get a complementary service till June 2017. After free services, your paid plan will get automatically get activated.

Terms & Conditions of Jio Plans

1. Voice calls in Jio will be totally free of cost. No data is used to make voice calls.

2. Unlimited night 4G data will be used between 2 am to 5 am.

3. You can use Wifi data available in public wifi hotspots(Jionet Hotspot) of Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited.

4. All above prepaid and postpaid plans will be available from 1st January 2017.

5. All students will get extra 25% 4G data and wifi data benefits on providing identity card.

6. All above postpaid and prepaid plans will work on 4G handsets only.

These all above postpaid as well as prepaid plans will work from 1st January 2017.

Jio is working hard to serve a better service to their customers so they have planned a lot to bring new various gadgets in 2017. Jio is going to launch various equipment with amazing prices in 2017. These are:

If you have any questions or query about Jio Tariff plans or Jio plans then fell free to comment below or message us.


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  1. How can a student get a SIM Card? He/She must be 18 or above to get a vorter I’D card ….

    1. You only have to carry your Aadhar Card to get a Jio sim. Your sim will get activated within 5 minutes.

  2. For recieving a call why data must be on…otherwise we cannat know who is calling

  3. Can I port in from Vodafone to Jio for a postpaid connection. I already have Voda poatpaid coneection. Tell the procedure. Jio verdors tell postpaid is not yet launched

    1. Yes, you can port your Vodafone number to Jio. Just type PORT YOUR NUMBER and send it to 1900.

  4. How should I get unlimited data after 31 March.??

  5. How should I get unlimited 4g data after 31 March.??

    1. Hello, Vineet

      You can check this to Know more about Jio updated Policies.

      Thank You

  6. Jio will give unlimited data after 31 st march ……2 am to 5am ? Recharche of 499 or other ..

    1. Hello Harsimrat
      Yes after subscribing to Jio Prime Membership & recharging with any of the Jio Prime Plans, you will definitely get unlimited data between 2-5am.

  7. How much would be Jio call costs after march 31st 2017?

    1. Hello Rohit
      After subscribing to Jio Prime Membership, Calls will be free all over India.

      1. Even if we do not recharge or become prime member?

  8. My bank transactions and other transactions are linked with bsnl phone number. If I port in from bsnl to jio, can I continue link with my all phone transactions with jio connection without any information to bank and other linked institutions?

  9. Hiii…If I recharge with 99 and then with 149 then is it valid for us or not??
    Should we have to recharge with 303..

    1. Yes, Rs.149 Plan will be valid for everyone. But with this plan, you will get only 2GB data monthly.

  10. I have a jio number 8208854375 after 31st March ( when all free will be stopped ) can I switch to any plan (JIO)

    1. Yes, you can apply any plan from Jio Prime Membership Plan but before that that you have to activate Jio Prime Membership.

  11. I buied a new mobile and installed MyJio app and filled up all the details to get the Jio code…..but the code was already reedemed

  12. If we don’t get prime membership then what will be the plans or charges for data and calls

  13. sir I wold like to know about voice call offers and the net offer at minimum possible rate

  14. I have Jio sim card, please let me know how one should go for postpaid & prepaid service, please explain this process

  15. After being a member of Jio prime, do I have to apply for the plan or I can apply for it any time I need?

    1. You can apply to any Plan as per your need anytime.

  16. i purchaged LYF MOBILE in Aug 2016 with 5000/-, the mobile touch pad not works properly and i am faceing lot of problems with this phones, but they have given 2 years warrenty , there is no use.

  17. Hiii i wanted to enquire that is there any such condition that if i subscribe with jio prike the amount of per month plan shall be deducted from my bank account or a mannual recharge is fine?

  18. hello sir any port offer available

  19. The 300 MB in plan 149 and 4GB in plan 499 (postpaid) , these are data per day ?

  20. Sir how can I avail 25% more date (student)? Which student ID we have to show and to whom we have to show the id? Sir please help me.

  21. Best network

  22. I have to buy jio sim…
    So prime membership is available to new members…..
    Just like me who will buy new sim before 31 march 2017

  23. But mukesh sir told that voice calls will be free forever then why jio is charging ₹303 and if that expires we cannot call to anyone. So how the voice calls are free

  24. What is the logic of providing pre-paid connections with a validity for 28 days and not one month, which could be for 31 days?

  25. What is the logic of providing pre-paid connections validity for 28 days and not one month, which could be for 31 days?

  26. I need only free voice call can I get?

  27. If i subscribe for jio primary membership of Rs 99/ will i get voice call free with out paying for any other pack since i do not wish to take any data.

    1. No. You have to recharge with some plan. If u want bulk voice call with limited data then choose ₹149 plan. Because other telecom players do not give full unlimited calls and they only give free incoming calls on roaming and not on outgoing. So pls go for jio as jio has promised free voice calls forever.

  28. 2 am to 5 am not good offer . Timing is not realy good . You should give nice time for user better evening not mid night

  29. After paying 99 can i get free voice calls ?.If not how much i have to pay only for calls ?

  30. Required one years plan for in Reliance jio

    1. Check Jio Prime Plans list above.

  31. I am student how can i get 25% extra data and where i submit my identity card.

  32. If I recharge before 15th april 2017 with Rs. 303 I will get daily 1 GB data for 3 months and with Rs. 499 will get 2 GB data daily for next 3 months? please clear

    1. No, if you recharge with Rs.303 or any other prime plans, you will get daily 1GB data for next 3 months. After 3 months, your paid plan will get activated automatically.

  33. Today onwards we can use free unlimited data from 2am to 5am

  34. I am havinh prepaid no. Can I change to postpaid,If yes please show procedure ?

  35. Hello sir,I can’t activate my plan before 31mar still I can use internet after that date, so I wanna ask my card is automatically converted into postpaid? Or I have time till 15 April?

    1. Yes, you can subscribe to Jio Prime till 15th April 2017.

  36. I recharge for Jio prime membership and for ₹ 149 plan . That plan exactly explained​ that there is 2.5 GB data , free calling ( local and national ) 100 sms per day .
    Waiting​ for your reply

  37. What is the offer for Jio Dongle after April 15th 2017. Should I register with Jio Prime? What benefits are applicable?

  38. HAI SIR…


  39. I am a prime member and recharged with 303.. but i didn’t get unlimited 2am – 5am please help

  40. I have recharged in may
    Now should i have to recharge in june
    As per offer of 3 months . Or it may contunes in july also
    Plz answer me fast…….

    1. You have to recharge in August now.

  41. after getting JIO prime membership Do I have to pay Rs.149 every month? Also what is JIO dongle?

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