Snapdeal [email protected]: Snapdeal Introduced Cash Delivery Service


Snapdeal [email protected]: Nowadays every person is facing problem to find an ATM with money or waiting for many hours to get cash from ATM machine. After Modi’s decision to Demonetization, every people have started expensing less money as people are facing money cash problem nowadays.

We all are facing a problem with the daily limit too. Now we can withdraw only Rs.2000 per day which is a very small amount nowadays. However, the main problem is finding ATM with cash. If we find any ATM with cash, then we have to wait for hours in ATM queue’s to get a Rs.2000 note.

Snapdeal Cash@Home


Now, we have a solution to this problem i.e., Snapdeal [email protected] Yes after watching all people’s problem, Giant e-Commerce’s website Snapdeal introduced a new service that is Snapdeal [email protected]. By using this service you can order money online and you will money at your Home.

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Snapdeal [email protected] Overview

Snapdeal recently introduced cash delivery service where you have to order cash online via Snapdeal and you will get money at your Home within 24 hours. This feature is currently available in Bangalore and Gurugram only. The most important and amazing thing is You just have to pay Rs.1 as Delivery charges“. If you want to get cash urgently, then you don’t need to get in ATM queues anymore. Just order money from Snapdeal with your address details and a Snapdeal executive will deliver money at your home. You just have to swipe your Debir or Credit Card to pay the money.

You cannot withdraw money more than the limit. The ordinary withdrwa limit is Rs.2000/day.

How to order money with Snapdeal [email protected]?

This service is available in few states of India i.e., Gurugram and Bangalore. Users from these states only can avail this offer. Very soon Snapdeal will extend this service to more states.

1. Download Snapdeal App from PlayStore.

2. Now Install Snapdeal app and Open it.

3. Allow Snapdeal app to access your Location.

4. The app will automatically detect and Notify you if you are from available places i.e., Gurugram or Bengaluru

5. Now it will show you a link to order money.

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6. Click on that link and enter cash amount.

7. Now enter your Shipping details.

8. Within 24 hours, Snapdeal executive will come to deliver your ordered money.

9. Now You have to pay via Debit or Credit card to get Cash. Swipe your Debit or Credit card in the POS machine.

10. After successful transaction, You will get cash.

Follow all above steps to get cash from Snapdeal [email protected]. This is the easiest cash delivery service ever. You can get cash easily and it will save your time too. If you have any query about Snapdeal Cash Delivery service, you can drop your comments below.

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